Reaction to President Trump’s First State of the Union Address.

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Hypoglycemia Part One

This video discusses hypoglycemia and what I do about it.  In part two I will make some clarifications and discuss further issues surrounding hypoglycemia.  Enjoy!

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My Imitation of a Diabetes Educator

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Memo to Trump, Priebus, Gingrich, Bernstein, and Carson Part One

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Social Media and Diabetes Care

As long as physicians mislead patients about the causal relationship between carbohydrate consumption and diabetes, and the necessity for a carbohydrate restricted diet and normal blood sugars, and as long as physicians continue to deny the value of euglycemia or normal blood sugars for the prevention and reversal of diabetic complications, as long as physicians lie about the causal relationship between saturated fats about the causal relationships between saturated fat consumption and coronary disease and grossly overstate the dangers of hypoglycemia and then fail to understand how to prevent it, any social media that is recommended by a physician is suspect and should be engaged in with caution by the patient.

Here is a link to an article on the subject in Physician’s weekly.

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Reaction to the Proposed Changes to FDA Food Labeling Requiremets


by — roguediabetic

Marxist bureaucrats at the FDA not licensed to practice medicine are planning to meddle with the Nutrition Facts label.  It’s my opinion that the proposed changes will not foster a better understanding of Nutrition Science as they claim.  Worse yet the changes will instead be damaging to diabetics in particular but also to the general population 50% of whom will be both diabetic or pre-diabetic, and obese by the year 2050.

When we follow a very low carbohydrate as Dr. Richard K. Bernstein insists is essential to the treatment of all diabetics and which many other doctors like Dr. Jeffry Gerber of Littleton Colorado recommend as the best way for many to lose weight, overall calorie consumption is largely irrelevant. Making the total number of calories more prominent on the Nutrition Facts will only serve to further the false and grossly misleading notion that restricting total calories alone will lead to normal blood sugars, facilitate weight loss, or otherwise improve health.

The daily allowances recommended by marxist meddlers from federal gubment agencies such as the FDA  are grossly in error. Telling a diabetic to get 60% of their caloric intake from starch, sugar, and other carbohydrate is abusive. Furthermore the gross over-consumption of total carbohydrate by the general populations happening as a result of the propaganda being spewed at Americans by the marxists  are at the root of the out of control epidemic of obesity in the general population and is a driving force behind the worldwide diabetes pandemic.  Making the federal gubment’s recommendations even more prominent and the focus of their Nutrition “Facts” label will only make our sick country sicker. Opinions are not facts and the opinions promulgated by the FDA and the USDA are based on marxist ideology and not on science. Science has demonstrated conclusively for 2,500 years that the high carbohydrate diets the federal gubment recommends are a slow brutal death sentence for diabetics. The recommended daily allowances need to be changed or better yet tossed out the window.

I don’t care what the eco-radicals, animal rights activists, global warming alarmists, pharmaceutical company profiteers or other assorted leftist lunatics like George McGovern, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Hussein Obama say I should eat. I take that medical advice only from credible and licensed endocrinologists like Dr. Richard K. Bernstein an eighty year old type one diabetic who like me was dying from diabetes in his late thirties while following the galactically stupid dietary advice coming from the federal gubment. According to Dr. Bernstein, the medical advice being given by the unlicensed never elected Michelle Hussein Obama and  marxist bureaucrats who have infiltrated the FDA is wrong as wrong could be.

Sodium content should not be listed before carbohydrate content and instead should be listed with the other micronutrients. Excess dietary sodium is not the cause of the vast majority of cases of hypertension. In diabetics with hypertension abnormally elevated blood pressure is usually caused instead by a combination of chronically elevated blood sugars and too much circulating insulin in the blood. Hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia kills and disables. The recommendation to restrict sodium from the diet is most often times just another meaningless burden imposed on diabetics. They bind heavy burdens heard to bear.

Cholesterol content should not be listed at all. The link between elevated total serum cholesterol and heart disease was asserted but was never proven. The universal validity of the evidence used to support the hypotheses that high total serum cholesterol causes heart disease has been either seriously challenged or found to be hoax engineered by marxist, darwinist, or freudian ideologues. The link between dietary cholesterol intake and total cholesterol was simply assumed by the phony marxist consensus peddlers.  As a result of its placement on the Nutrition Facts label the vast majority of the public believe this link is valid. Gary Taubes a Harvard trained physicist and science critic states in his seminal work “Good Calories Bad Calories” on page 19 in a footnote, “Decreasing cholesterol consumption from four hundred milligrams a day, the average American intake in the 1990’s to the 300 milligrams a day recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Program would be expected to reduce cholesterol levels by 1 to 2 milligrams per deciliter or a decrease of perhaps 1%.” It gets worse but at best dietary cholesterol is a red herring. If you double nothing you still get nothing.

Furthermore, listing fat first and breaking down the fat content into saturated fat and unsaturated fat categories is backwards and a waste of space. Fat content should be listed after carbohydrate and protein. High fat diets, particularly those low in carbohydrate and high in saturated fats have been proven to induce weight loss, positively effect efforts to normalize blood sugars in diabetics, and improve cardiac risk profiles and reduce the risk for other comorbidities and comortalities in diabetics and in the general population such as the risk for stroke. Saturated fats don’t cause heart attacks, cows don’t cause global warming.

The scientific theory that high carbohydrate diets cause diabetes and thus all the bad shit diabetes causes is supported not only by a large and growing body of evidence from peer reviewed scientific studies including the Diabetes Complications and Control Trial, the very large Framingham Heart study and the Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean diet study, but also by compelling evidence from philosophy, logic, history, anthropology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and pharmacology.

This theory is also supported by an impressive body of clinical evidence amassed by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein a 55 plus year type one diabetic and forty year clinical endocrinologist.  Many of Dr. Bernstein’s patients while under his care and while complying with a very low carbohydrate diet achieve and safely maintain glycated hemoglobin A1C values between 4.2% and 4.6%, reflecting an average blood glucose level as indicated by fingerstick measurement of 83 mg/dl. These truly normal blood sugars are achieved most of the time without any deterioration in cardiac risk profiles and often times instead with an associated improvement. When following a very low carbohydrate diet when cardiac risk profiles do deteriorate for diabetic patients the deterioration is virtually always caused by factors unrelated to diet.

Finally, including another category on the nutrition facts label for added sugars would also just be another burdensome regulation for industry that would only serve to mislead the consumer and finds it most destructive consequences amongst diabetics. Sugars, whether added, or naturally occuring should be avoided by diabetics and to a lesser extent by all Americans. The total amount of carbohydrate is what matters. A single gram of carbohydrate can raise my blood sugars by 5mg/dl if not covered by bolus insulin injection or infusion. High carbohydrate diets dictate high insulin requirements, whether injected, infused, or produced naturally by the pancreas in non-diabetics and diabetics alike.  Insulin will build fat if unopposed.

In diabetics high carbohydrate consumption makes doses of injected or infused insulin impossible to calculate with the degree of certainty necessary to achieve and safely maintain normal blood sugars. Dr. Richard K. Bernstein has proven the universal validity of the law of small numbers as it relates to the treatment of diabetes with the same certainty with which Sir Isaac Newton proved the inverse square law and with the same certainty with which Albert Einstein proved the law of general relativity. Hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia kills and disable thus carbohydrates kills and disable whether they take the form of sugar or starch and independent of whether some big gubment marxist bureaucrat characterizes them as added or not.

In summary, until the marxist and darwinian ideology underpinning the the federal gubment’s dietary guidelines are abandon, the federal gubment’s recommended daily allowances for macronutrient consumption should not be included on the nutrition facts label. Theories no matter how pertinent cannot eradicate the existence of facts.  This what a Nutrition Facts should look like.



Serving Size = ¾ cup


Carbohydrate                        15 grams

            Dietary Fiber              2  grams        

            Fast Acting                 13 grams

Protein                                   2 grams

Fat                                           4 grams

TOTAL Calories                       104

Micronutrients            Amt.    % RDA

Vitamin A                      0 IU        0%

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K






Panothenic Acid





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Typical ADA Baloney

The following article from Diabetes Care linked below claims “High-carbohydrate, high-fiber (HCF) diets have beneficial therapeutic effects for selected patients with diabetes mellitus.”

“Long-term Effects of High-carbohydrate, High-fiber Diets on Glucose and Lipid Metabolism: A Preliminary Report on Patients with Diabetes”

This is typical ADA baloney, but I must admit at first glance it appeared as though the findings of this study may have supported the use of high carbohydrate diets in the treatment of diabetics. It took me all of five minutes to figure out the flaws of this study, their findings, and conclusions.

The study findings have been presented in a way by the above referenced article from Diabetes Care a publication of the ADA that obscures the fact that dietary carbohydrate raises blood sugar and claims adding dietary carbohydrate fosters blood sugar control and reduces insulin requirements. The abstract notes an improvement of blood sugars, and lipid profiles for those studied and a decrease in insulin requirements when the percentage of total caloric intake of carbohydrate increases from 43% to 70% and that these improvements were maintained by adhering to a diet that contains 55% to 60% carbohydrate.

What the authors don’t tell you is the 43% carbohydrate diets were not observed they were likely based on reports of what the patient had been eating prior to hospitalization or worse yet on generalizations based on large population data. The patients were likely eating more total calories before hospitalization but in any event was likely not accurately determined. It also does not disclose the caloric content of any of the diets.

These ommissions and faulty assumptions whether intentional or not challenge the universal validity of this study. If the patients had been getting 43% of carbohydrate from a 2500 calorie a day diet and only 1600 calories a day on the 70% carbohydrate diet, total carbohydrate consumption would increase by only 5% from the pre-hospitalization diet vs. the hospital diet. A corresponding decrease in protein consumption from 156 grams of protein a day to 60 grams of protein a day would account for the decrease in insulin and other blood sugar lowering medication requirements. If 3000 calories a day with 43% derived from carbohydrate were consumed on the pre-hospitalization diet then the total amount of carbohydrate on the HCF diet consumed by the patients in the trial while hospitalized would have actually decreased if the HCF diet consisted of 1600 calories. This along with the reduction in protein consumed, even if protein as a percentage of total calories decreased as it often does on carbohydrate restricted diets would certainly account for the reduction in insulin and other blood sugar lowering medication requirements.

If the amount of calories in the maintenance diet increased to 2000 and the decreased percentage of calories derived from carbohydrate were replaced with calories derived from protein, the total amount of insulin or other blood sugar lowering medications would remain constant as the absolute amount of carbohydrate would change very little while the total amount of protein may only increase slightly having a statistically insignificant effect. This is what likely occurred.

This study only shows that eating less, if the baseline diet is assumed to be mixed, reduces requirements for blood sugar lowering medications and improves blood sugar control. Duh. The study didn’t compare the effects of high carbohydrate fiber diets vs. high fat protein diets that were equal in total calories. The pharmaceutical companies won’t fund a study that shows their dangerous drugs like sulfonyloreas are not necessary or that industrial doses of safe and effective drugs like insulin confer no benefit. The ADA won’t fund them either because their mendicant pleas for money to fund research for a pharmacological or surgical cure would lose their urgency and appeal if people knew that treatments for diabetes already exist which normalize blood sugar through dietary means and the use of medication currently on the market.

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