Where Do I Begin To Tell a Story of the Flab that I Have Seen?

The great body-builder philosophers Hanz and Franz once pondered the question of where to begin to tell a story of the flab that they had seen.  In looking back at my last eighteen years as a Type One I diabetic I now ponder that very same question often.  The flab that I have seen, was not however unsightly belly fat.  The flab that I have seen, that I was allowing to kill me, was the flabby fucking rhetoric foisted onto the diabetic community by the mainstream medical industrial complex.  For over seventy years now the American Diabetes Association in collusion with the Federal Government, including the United States Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, Congress, the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, the Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and most notably, recently, and insidiously the Hussein-Obama administrations have perpetrated a conspiracy using the flabbiest and unfortunately most dangerous rhetoric imaginable.

Of course the conspiracy to obscure the truth in a naked pursuit of power; the truth that could save diabetics, and prevent diabetes — particularly type II diabetes in teenagers — (type II diabetes was formerly known as adult onset diabetes), isn’t just being perpetrated by the usual suspects, Democrats and big gubment bureaucrats.

The conspiracy to obscure the truth, the truth that could help diabetics reverse early onset complications, the truth that could cure some cases of type II diabetes, the truth that might even lead us to develop treatment protocols that could cure type I diabetes diagnosed in its earliest stages, is also being perpetrated in the naked pursuit of profit by big business interest like pharmaceutical manufacturers Eli Lilly the makers of Humulin insulin products , Novo-Nordisk the maker of Novolog and Novolin insulin products, Sofi-Aventis, the makers of Lantus. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t the only perps in the business world.  Con Agra, General Mills, Kellog’s, just to name a few mega corporations whose high dollar lobbyists are the real rule-makers in Washington D.C. who market cheap but high profit margin food products that cause diabetes and make blood glucose control in diabetics impossible are at very least looking the other way.

Any medical doctor who follows the treatment protocols and regurgitates the dietary recommendations  established by government agencies, the American Diabetic Association, the pharmaceutical companies, and big food makers, in contravention of their oath to do no harm, is likewise a conspirator and numbered an enemy of the people.  How could these people go to school for a decade and learn nothing? Their rhetorically flabby positions seem to convey an anti-knowledge. Anti-intuitive, anti-logical, anti-mathematical, anti-spiritual, How? Is it deliberate?  Do they know they and their cronies will make more money on more Dr. visits, more drugs, more useless products like diabetic shoes, and laser eye surgery that may or may not prevent blindness if they continue to go along with this nonsense.  I feel for the medical professionals out there who don’t really understand how they’re being deceived and manipulated but I want to kick the shit out of the ones who do understand.  I swear with some of these people it is deliberate.

The purpose of this blog is not just to accuse, it is also a confession.  The conspirator’s rhetoric as I said was flabby.  I knew something was wrong with what those people were telling me right from the beginning.  I wanted to know how to win but unfortunately all they wanted to do is teach me how to lose.  So I disengaged.  I didn’t want to hear their defeatist bullshit so I just stopped listening.  The conspirators positions’ being quite flabby, and embarrassingly self-serving were therefore theoretically, and as it turns out actually, quite easy to debunk.  Doing so however, would actually take some work and fuck that, I had a life to live.  If diabetes was going to beat me I sure as hell wasn’t going to let it define me.  That is how I almost let diabetes do exactly that.

So, where do I begin to tell a story of the flab that I have seen?  I suppose at the beginning in a Naval Hospital in Pensacola Florida is as good a place as any.


About roguediabetic

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed in August of 93 while serving in the United States Marine Corps. After over eighteen years of poor blood sugar control and early complications including a left big toe amputation I finally figured out how to control my blood sugar. What I finally learned about blood sugar control ultimately had little to do with what I was told.
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