Naval Hospital Pensacola part III

So as I said before, now I know something’s wrong.  First thing that seemed curious to me was why would they be going out of their to tell me it was o.k. to eat sugar as long as I balanced my diet?  I mean I at least knew diabetes had something to do with too much sugar in your blood. It seemed logical to me that you would want to stop eating sugar.  “Oh no” they said those were the old rules.  “Nobody believes that anymore.” But you know what? Not true.  There are people, the ones that actually know what the fuck their talking about that still very much believe that the diabetic should eat only very small amounts of sugar*.

Whatever they told me about fat I just ignored.  No fucking way was I going to stop eating red meat.  Who the fuck eats a four ounce steak?  Who? Seriously if your that guy or gal tell me.  I want to know if anybody who actually eats steak out there really only eats a four ounce cut of steak. Red meat twice a week?  Impossible. I at least knew fat wasn’t sugar.  What did fat have to do with diabetes?  I was confused, it was too much sugar in the blood right?

And what the fuck was a balanced diet?  Balanced in what way?  How could something be in balance if you were getting way more of one thing than another? How do you balance fruits with steaks? By weight? By Servings? If you’re eating 6 to 8 “servings” of fruits and vegetables a bloody day, how is that in balance with 2 servings of red meat a week?  Incidentally these were the right types of questions unfortunately it gets worse and I did not pursue this line of questioning to its logical conclusion.

The next logical question is; What difference does it make if your diet is “balanced”?  Isn’t the true goal to “balance” your blood sugar?  If a diabetic has an unbalanced metabolism then how could you be balancing your blood sugar levels by fucking adding more of what your body can’t process? Seriously, if you are doctor or one of their shills or tools, i.e. a diabetes educator or a dietician, and you’re reading this and your telling diabetics to balance their diets, and your defining “balance” using the whacko rules of inverse-oppositeville where apparently balance is imbalance, and you create balance by adding more of what you have too much of,  I want a fucking answer to the question.  Do different laws of physics and chemistry apply to diabetics? Or, did you go to school for a decade and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get fucking stupid?

Or, do you think we’re so stupid that all you have to do is use a fancy word like balance and we’ll be mesmerized regardless of whether what you say is balance, has anything to do with balance.  I mean balance is awesome.  Hooray for balance.  Who wouldn’t want to have balance.  I want to be like Anakin Skywalker and bring balance to the force. 

Do you people know that your dietary reccomedations are killing diabetics and just don’t care because those reccomendations keep diabetics coming into your office frequently so they can take plenty of yummy and delicious lantus, glucophage, and simvastatin?  I mean seriously is that it.

If you’re a diabetic and your reading this I want you to ask yourself this.  Why would those same people want you to “balance” your diet, whatever they mean by that, but at the same time not want you to balance your blood sugar levels?  Think about it.  Consider this quote from

What’s a Normal Hemoglobin A1c Test?

For people without diabetes, the normal range for the hemoglobin A1c test is between 4% and 5.6%. Hemoglobin A1c levels between 5.7% and 6.4% indicate increased risk of diabetes, and levels of 6.5% or higher indicate diabetes. Because studies have repeatedly shown that out-of-control diabetes results in complications from the disease, the goal for people with diabetes is a hemoglobin A1c less than 7%. The higher the hemoglobin A1c, the higher the risks of developing complications related to diabetes.

Really?  How is an A1c level of 4% to 5.6% normal for non-diabetics but 7% normal for diabetics? Are diabetics less likely to suffer the consequences of elevated blood sugar levels? Or are the treatment protocols of the assholes that spout this bull-fucking-shit unable to produce truly balanced results? If any carbohydrate turns into blood glucose and the diabetic body’s ability to process blood glucose is impaired again I ask why the fuck, why the ass-hole-licking, cocksucking, motherfuck would anyone tell a diabetic to “balance” their diet by eating what their body can’t process?  Why?  Elevated a1c levels are indications of diabetes true, but balanced is balanced right? I would say that if a normal A1C for non diabetics is 4% to 5.6% for non-diabetics then balanced blood glucose is indicated by A1C levels of 4% to 5.6% for diabetics as well.

And once you understand that any carbohydrate is pretty much a sugar and it doesn’t really make any difference if the sugar is “added” or not the questions get even more incredulous.  What is an added sugar?  Added by who?  Added by God? Added by Mother Nature? Added by Man?  If Yeshua was both God and man as he claimed wouldn’t any sugar added by God also be added by man? Or is it only consequential or deleterious if the sugar is added by a man who isn’t also God.  How then is a “nondeistic anthropogenic added sugar” structurally different from a sugar that is “Deistically” or “Naturally” added? Is it like anthropogenic global warming?  Would global warming be o.k. if it could be correlated to say the sun spot cycle? (which by the way it is)

And don’t tell me, don’t even fucking tell me that normal A1C levels are dangerous for diabetics because they present an increased risk of hypoglycemia.  First of all who gives a fuck.  The reprecussions of hypoglycemia are far less dangerous than the repercussions of persistent hyperglcycemia. Your blood sugar has to fall below 20 mgdl for several hours to kill you and the only possible permanent consequence of low blood sugar is death.  If you wake up you’ll be o.k.


About roguediabetic

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed in August of 93 while serving in the United States Marine Corps. After over eighteen years of poor blood sugar control and early complications including a left big toe amputation I finally figured out how to control my blood sugar. What I finally learned about blood sugar control ultimately had little to do with what I was told.
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