“Diabetes Myths”

I’m usually enraged whenever I read anything titled “diabetes myths”.  Why? Because they are usually beyond crass, extremely misleading, or contain downright “mythical” content themselves.  Consider the following quote from a post entitled “Top Ten Diabetes Myths” published on the Mayo Clinic’s “Living with Diabetes” page of their website.

I can’t eat carbohydrates; it makes my blood sugars go high.

Of course they do — even people who don’t have diabetes will see an elevation in their blood glucose after eating. Carbohydrates should be approximately 50 percent of your daily food intake each day. Carbohydrates are your fuel, without them you will have little energy.

Oh my word.

This is patent fucking nonsense and this kind of garbage is killing diabetics.

First of all the authors of this post contradict themselves by calling the statement a myth and then then concede that carbohydrates raise blood sugar in everybody. So carbohydrate do indeed raise blood sugar? Oh, I get it carbohydrate is good because high blood sugar is low blood sugar in diabetics, Normal blood sugar is dangerously low blood sugar in diabetics, and genuinely low blood sugar may present a risk of instant death. Wrong, wrong, and grossly misleading.

High blood sugar isn’t low blood sugar in diabetics because high blood sugar injures both diabetics and non-diabetics. Normal blood sugar is safe for diabetics and non-diabetics because normal blood sugar does not injure diabetics or non-diabetics. While genuinely low blood sugar may present a very slight risk of instant death it is always caused by insulin overdose. Additionally low blood sugar can always be treated safely, easily and in a timely manner by properly trained, properly equipped diabetics who have been taught how to do so correctly if the low blood sugar is identified early. Frequent hypolglycemia can be prevented by adjusting insulin dosages in the absence of toxic levels of dietary carbohydrate intake.

Secondly the “myth” is a total straw man. No serious commentator whether a doctor or otherwise believes or tells diabetics that they can’t eat carbohydrate. That is the insinuation and it is absurd.  A very few doctors and their fortunate patients, the doctors who aren’t completely off their fucking rockers, the ones who haven’t bought the metaphysical proposition foisted on them by socialist government officials, the doctors who are not owned by Con-Agra or Eli Lilly contend that diets proportionally high in carbohydrate can cause diabetes or at very least make diabetes much more difficult to control, while at the same time providing no corresponding health benefits. These Doctors also contend that diets proportionally low in carbohydrate can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and make tight blood glucose control possible in those who already have the disease thereby preventing all diabetic complications. While ignorance about diabetes abounds amongst diabetics and non-diabetics alike, the prevailing culture inappropriately demonizes dietary fat intake, not dietary carbohydrate intake.  A far more common myth says “I’m a diabetic, I must radically restrict my fat and salt intake.” Nobody thinks they can’t eat any carbohydrate.

Finally the dietary recommendation that diabetics meet 50% of energy requirements from carbohydrate is like telling a pyromaniac to get 50% of his home heat by burning newspapers, straw, and gasoline on his living room floor. It’s like using gasoline in a diesel engine. If you do that you are going to blow a headgasket. Doctors, Diabetes Educators, and Dieticians who prescribe these diets to diabetics are derelict in their duty to do no harm. Furthermore this recommendation is not valuable for the non-diabetic.  No carbohydrate intake is necessary.  Dietary fat and protein can provide just as much energy as carbohydrate.  The post states “carbohydrate is your main source of energy”.  What makes you fucking people think you know what my main source of energy is? Do you worthless bags of shit really think you can issue these kind of orders? My main source of energy is fat. Only small amounts of carbohydrate are appropriate for me as I can cover them safely with rapid or fast acting insulin and can be processed by the body safely in non-insulin dependent diabetics. Certain foods that contain small amounts of carbohydrate like liver, broccoli, green beans, and spinach are also rich in micronutrients and therefore appropriate. I personally get about 70% of my total caloric intake from fat. My spark plugs are broken and your engine needs spark plugs if you use gasoline to fuel it. My last A1C was 5.5%.  My last LDL was 115.  My HDL was 93 and my triglycerides were 93.  I take no statin drugs.


About roguediabetic

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed in August of 93 while serving in the United States Marine Corps. After over eighteen years of poor blood sugar control and early complications including a left big toe amputation I finally figured out how to control my blood sugar. What I finally learned about blood sugar control ultimately had little to do with what I was told.
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