Warren Buffett’s Nine Top Dividend Stocks

24/7 Wall St.

Warren Buffett After finishing last year strong, U.S. equity markets had a volatile start this year, pulling back from all-time highs. Stocks have recovered since and, so far this year, the S&P is up — if only just barely. Some investors are concerned that the current valuation of many stocks is excessive. Such investors may decide that now is the time to reduce exposure to more risky investments and instead target high-yielding, defensive stocks.

For active investors looking to change the exposure of their portfolio to make it less risky, sector rotation is often a popular play. This involves moving from volatile sectors that disproportionately gain as the market rises, such as technology and biotech, to sectors that are less exposed to changes in the market, such as utilities, telecom and consumer staples.

Another strategy investors may consider is to target income. Investors can achieve income by investing in shares that offer…

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