I wanted you all to know today I will have surgery. This is what I expect to happen:

1. The remaining infection secondary to a diabetic ulcer on my left foot where my big toe used to be will be removed.

2. With the infection gone I will be able to finish completely normalizing my blood sugar.

3. What’s left of my foot (should be most of it) will now be able to heal.

4. With normal blood sugar I should be able to prevent any progression of any other diabetic complications I currently have and prevent any new ones from happening.

This has been what I’ve been up to for the last couple years and why I dropped off the face of the earth for a minute. The dangers I’ve faced have been very real. Much of the danger has been unnecessary and was caused by unnatural forces acting with deliberate malice against me and our country. He was a liar from the beginning not holding to the truth.

When I began this struggle I pledged to myself that my aim would be victory. Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory no matter how long or hard the road may be. I fully expect victory in this struggle to be realized in large part today and am thankful that whatever happens a much larger victory over the same enemy that will last for eternity has already been won for me and for those who believe in His Name by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at Calvary.

Whenever you have surgery there always exists a possibility that something could go wrong just in case something does, this is what I want you all to know.

1. The Marine Corps was my honour. Truly it was and I thank all of you for the opportunity to serve in that way. I would have never had the courage and confidence to get up into the faces of the dumb motherfuckers who were unwittingly acting in collusion with the enemy and tell them; “High blood sugar isn’t low blood sugar, normal blood sugar isn’t dangerously low blood sugar, not even for a diabetic, saturated fats don’t cause heart attacks, cows don’t cause global warming.” I would not have had the courage or confidence to do or say what I’ve done if I hadn’t been tossed over a few footlockers by a “Few Good Men.”

2. I wouldn’t have made it in the Marine Corps for as long as I did if I hadn’t grown up in Bancroft Nebraska and been raised by my now deceased father Maurice A. Grone and my mother Vera Grone who had the help of people like my brother Steve, my sister Rhonda Anderson, Staff Sergeant Kevin Bruning, Dr. Jon Cerny and many others including many of you.

3. I am deeply grateful to Senator John McCain and his aide Tom McCanna. We were all a little pissed at John when he lost to the Junior Senator from Illinois and as he has admitted himself he is an imperfect servant of our great Nation but, he has continued to fight with us particularly those of us Veterans who treat at the Phoenix VA.

4. I am also grateful to Dr. Richard K. Bernstein who while under attack from the same enemy figured out how to normalize his own blood sugars and now helps many others do the same in his clinical practice and through his teachings and writings particularly with his definitive text on blood sugar normalization Diabetes Solution. Dr. Bernstein did this at a time when much of the prerequisite knowledge of how to do this had been lost to Western medicine or was being covered up by the very authorities who were supposed to be helping. Dr. Bernstein has proven once again that theories, no matter how pertinent cannot eradicate the existence of facts.

5. I am also grateful to my own Primary Care Physician Dr. Donald Boles who provided me with critical support at a time when I had begun to despair and to Dr. Katherine Mitchell who, in keeping with the highest traditions of the various uniformed services had the courage to stand up and expose those who were keeping a secret list at the Phoenix VA.
4. Everyone should spend:

at least one football season in Nebraska, playing it preferably but if not, watching the Huskers and their local High School Team.

a summer in the Rockies

a winter in the desert.

I hope this finds all of you well, and look forward to seeing you all soon.


Ryan D. Grone
LCpl USMC (retired)

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Dropping the Big One

Once I sent the last letter posted to Senator McCain and that letter was forwarded by his office to the appropriate officials at the VA, I started to see results. Senator McCain received a letter from Sharon Hellman, the Hospital Director now on administrative leave pending the outcome of an Inspector General investigation into the Phoenix VA “list scandal” which could include a recommendation that criminal charges including treason, sedition, perjury, mutiny, and murder be brought against Comrade Director Hellman.
This letter indicated that the diluent for use with Novolog insulin had been ordered.  Apparently this caused a big ruckus between the bureaucrats at Novo Nordisk and the VA bureaucrats over paperwork.  The vials were still forthcoming and in typical fashion someone made the assumption that I would no longer need a prescription for Regular insulin. This is the type of insulin I primarily use for meal boluses, indicating that there was still a failure on the part of some to comprehend the basis for my requests and thus necessitating this final letter to the Senator.

Dear Tom and John:

I went to see my Dr. at the VA last week and we made some changes.  Unfortunately what ended up happening was what I knew would happen because this kind of thing always ends up happening when you try to force everybody into the same system and the people who run the system are making decisions for everyone based on fundamentally flawed assumptions:

This is what I need:

A prescription for Levemir Insulin for use as basal insulin:
Basal insulin injections are doses of insulin designed and intended to maintain level blood sugars through the fasting state. I currently do have this prescription which is something of a minor miracle.  I didn’t even think it was part of the VA formulary and hence covered because most Dr’s. prescribe Lantus because its been marketed as a 24 hour insulin.  It’s not.  Furthermore Lantus has been linked to an increased risk of cancer and costs more.  Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, an eighty year old type one diabetic and clinical endocrinologist states in his definitive text Diabetes Solution,  “Why use an insulin that has even a very small risk of promoting cancer when an equally good and less costly one already exists?” Why?*

A prescription for Regular Insulin for meal boluses
: This is what Dr. Donald Boles, my VA primary care physician, has prescribed for me to use for meal boluses. Bolus insulin injections are doses of insulin designed and intended to maintain level blood sugars during the fed state or used to correct high blood sugars to target. According to Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, if on a very low carbohydrate diet, Regular insulin is more effective at maintaining level blood sugars when used for meal boluses rather than the faster acting analog insulins such as Novolog. Dr. Bernstein insists that low carbohydrates are essential to the treatment of all diabetics and my own Primary Care Physician Dr. Donald Boles of the Gold Clinic concurs.

A prescription for Novolog Insulin and appropriate diluting medium for correction boluses
:  While Novolog insulin can be used for meal boluses when time is tight such as when dining out, its primary purpose is for correction boluses.  Unfortunately, it is one and a half times more potent than regular insulin and according to Dr. Richard K. Bernstein a single unit can be expected to lower the blood sugar of a 140 lb. type one diabetic whose pancreas produces no insulin by 60 mg/dl.  When I recently performed a series of fingerstick measurements of my blood sugar when elevated and while fasting in accordance with my best interpretation of protocols set forth by Dr. Bernstein in his text, I discovered that one single unit of Novolog lowered my blood sugar by 75 mg/dl over a six hour period.

Without diluting medium I am unable to correct elevated blood sugars unless it is elevated at least 75 mg/dl above my target blood sugar level thus making my attempts to normalize my blood sugar unnecessarily difficult and dangerous. When using Novolog insulin diluted at a 5:1 ratio I can safely make corrections when my blood sugar level is elevated by as little as 13 mg/dl.

A prescription for empty sterile vials:  In order to prepare and store diluted insulin I must have a way to contain it.  According to Dr. Bernstein empty sterile vials are appropriate for the preparation and storage of diluted insulin.

A prescription for 30 unit insulin syringes with 1/2 unit markings:  When I saw Dr. Boles last he entered the prescription into the system but now there is not even an active prescription listed for insulin syringes in the system.  Furthermore, I suspect the next time I receive a supply of insulin syringes they will not have 1/2 unit markings as I suspect the pharmacy does not stock them.  When I previously asked for syringes with 1/2 unit markings from Comrade Wlatka Peric-Knowlton of the endocrinology clinic she told me they were not stocked by the pharmacy because the were more expensive. This is a lie. They aren’t more expensive, I know because I’ve purchased them before.  Because most Dr.’s and Diabetes Educators inexplicably deny the value of normal blood sugars and erroneously insist diabetics must consume a very high carbohydrate diet in order to avoid an increased risk of heart disease and severe hypoglycemia, dosing in 1/2 unit increments is not prescribed.

A prescription for glucose tablets:  While I do have a prescription for glucose tablets my repeated verbal and written requests for this prescription were routinely ignored or denied prior to beginning treatment with Dr. Boles. Even still it has not been prescribed correctly in accordance with our best interpretation of guidelines set forth by Dr. Bernstein in “Chapter 20 How to Prevent and Correct Low Blood Sugars” of his definitive text “Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars”.  According to Dr. Bernstein, a single gram of glucose will raise the blood sugars of a 140 lb. type one diabetic whose pancreas produces no insulin by 5 mg/dl.  Through self testing this is how much I have found a single gram of glucose will raise my own blood sugars.  If I consumed 16 grams of glucose in accordance with label directions this would spike my sugar by some 80 mg/dl over a forty-five minute period.  Furthermore, the label directions instruct to repeat if blood sugars are not above 70 mg/dl in fifteen minutes.  This would result in a net increase of 160 mg/dl. If blood sugars were very low at the beginning of this sequence, say 40 mg/dl, and considering that insulin resistance is encountered once blood sugars exceed 140 mg/dl the net result would be a value of some 200 mg/dl perhaps even higher. Insulin dependent diabetics should consume enough glucose to raise their blood sugar to target when blood sugar values drop below their target.

My present target blood sugar as determined by Dr. Boles and myself using our best interpretation of the guidelines set forth by Dr. Bernstein is 100 mg/dl before, during, and after meals. Dr. Richard K. Bernstein concludes, “Americans now eat an average of about 156 pounds of added sugar per year, something the average human would not have experienced in a lifetime 10,000 years ago.  Nowadays fast-acting carbohydrate accounts for the largest part of energy consumption, So if we ignore elevated blood sugars that may be encountered shortly after high carbohydrate meals, a “normal” value would be 83 mg/dl, perhaps even lower…… Since those who inject nontrivial amounts of insulin cannot turn off injected insulin as their blood sugars drop, there always exist the possibility of going too low (hypoglycemia).  I therefore throw in a small safety factor and ask such such individuals initially to shoot for a target of 90 mg/dl…..we try to correct blood sugars when they are above or below a target.  Since we follow a very low carbohydrate diet OUR TARGET REMAINS THE SAME BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER MEALS…..” (my emphasis added).

Dr. Bernstein goes on to discuss a number of reasons why he might set an even higher target for his patients.  Dr. Boles and I have set a higher target than what Dr. Bernstein initially recommends for his patients because Dr. Boles was also unfamiliar with the intricacies of Dr. Bernstein’s methods prior to treating me, because I have not always been  meticulous in following what I have learned from Dr. Bernstein’s text, and because there continues to be a great deal of difficulty in securing all of the prescriptions I need in order to follow his methods precisely.
In summary I need a prescription for both Regular Insulin and Novolog Insulin in addition to the appropriate diluting medium for Novolog, along with empty sterile vials, and syringes with1/2 unit markings. It doesn’t really matter to me what the label says on the glucose tablets because I am going to do whatever it is I am going to do and I can always purchase glucose tablets at the store. The Truth both in its personification in the person of Jesus Christ and its manifestation in the teachings of Dr. Richard K. Bernstein regarding the treatment of diabetes has made me free. Nevertheless these prescriptions should be written properly because many of our Veterans do follow label directions because they naively believe that label directions are written with the patient’s best interest in mind.  Instead these directions are written pursuant to the best interests of marxist politicians and pharmaceutical company profiteers.

I sincerely appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of those at the Phoenix VA who have recently worked diligently to secure a supply of appropriate diluting medium from Novo Nordisk, particularly Dr. Donald Boles and the entire staff of the Gold Clinic along with many staff members of the pharmacy. We can’t sit back and watch another Marine die because the American Diabetes Association, the United States Department of Agriculture,and the Department of Health and Human Services have scaremongered most Doctors and Pharmacists into believing they’ll be sued for malpractice if their patient’s die of severe hypoglycemia and have scaremongered most diabetics along with the general public into believing that diets high in saturated fats cause heart disease at the insistence of the marxists, darwinists, and freudians who have upended and ransacked our colleges and universities.  In the Corps, we have a word for what is going on at the Phoenix VA its called fratricide.  You’re shelling your own troops with this bullshit. High blood sugar isn’t low blood sugar.  Normal blood sugar isn’t dangerously low blood sugar, not even for a diabetic. While the dangers of low blood sugar are grossly overstated by the marxists, darwinists, and freudians who have seized control of a number of key government and paragovernment institutions including the American Diabetes Association, hypoglycemia can be genuinely life threatening and is almost always caused by industrial doses of insulin prescribed in conjunction with high carbohydrate diets. “It’s only logical…” Dr. Bernstein states, “…. to look to elevated blood sugar and hyperinsulinemia for the causes of what kills and disables so many of us.”.

I hope this has shed some light on these matters and look forward to hearing from you and continue working with you.

Ryan D. Grone

LCpl USMC (retired)

So now my prescriptions are as fixed as they are going to get.  Of all the changes I requested only syringes with 1/2 unit markings have not been provided.


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Storming the Beaches

As indicated previously the letter I sent previously was not effective.  After being dumped by my previous primary care physician I was assigned a new one.  In a closed system like the VA or Kaiser Permanente you do not choose your own doctor.  One is assigned to you.  In a single payer system where everybody will be forced into one closed system like the one in Canada or the UK, not only will veterans get fucked over, everybody, except perhaps the richest and most powerful will.  Even if Doctors are allowed to provide care on a fee for service basis, only the richest will be able to afford both the cost of fee for service care and “insurance” where “premiums” (taxes) must cover the cost of cosmetic surgeries such as abortion, unnecessary statin drugs of dubious value, and dangerous, costly, and ineffective treatments such as insulin pumps. No one, not just economically disadvantaged vets will be able to tell their doctor to go get fucked and go down the street and find a doctor who does not believe high blood sugar is low blood sugar.

Fortunately for me and for the Republic, there are still a few Doctors inside the VA system with enough common sense and courage to stand up against this tyranny. When I told my new primary care physican, “You guys can’t normalize anybody’s blood sugar if your shoveling 200 or 300 bloody grams of carbohydrate a day down their throats.”, Dr. Donald Boles immediately acknowlged this was true.  In my first encounter with Dr. Boles, he wrote me a prescription for both Regular and Levemir insulin in favor of Lantus and Novolog.  While this still wasn’t everything needed, it was an important step in the right direction.  After Senator McCain and his aide Tom McCanna agreed to fight with me, I sent them this memorandum which was forwarded to officials at the VA.      

To:            Senator John McCain and Tom McCanna

From:        Ryan D. Grone LCpl USMC (retired)

Date:         January 23, 2014

Subject:     Diluent and Empty Sterile Insulin Vials
In order to avoid and reverse diabetic complications, diabetics must normalize their blood sugars.  In fact diabetic complications can often be reversed with consistently normalized blood sugars over an extended period of time.  This is what I am trying to do.  I have made great progress however there are a few little hangups I am still having.  These hangups can be overcome quite easily I believe with the proper tools i.e. the right kind of insulin, the right type of equipment etc.

The mainstream medical community in general does not believe that blood sugar normalization can be achieved safely because of a perceived threat of coronary artery disease and the perceived increase risk of severe hypoglycemia or very low blood sugar when attempting to normalize blood sugars.  These increased risks, which pale in comparison to the risks posed by hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, are believed to be secondary to the high fat, high protein diets that must be used to normalize blood sugar levels in diabetics. 

As a consequence all of the protocols and guidelines used at the VA and indeed by almost all other medical professionals and medical institutions in the west are designed to accommodate the very high carbohydrate diets typically prescribed to diabetics.  This presents additional institutional and bureaucratic barriers to diabetics and physicians whose goal is normal blood sugars as the tools used to employ the methods ones uses to normalize blood sugars are far less widely available.  For example most of the various types insulin available today are too potent by several orders of magnitude because the common dietary recommendations which call for diets that consist mostly of carbohydrate.  Carbohydrate turns into sugar in the blood.  Protein also turns to sugar in the blood but much more slowly while fat does not turn to sugar in the blood (nor does it raise bad cholesterol in the face of normal blood sugars but instead only raises bad cholesterol in the face of abnormally elevated blood sugars. In the face of normal blood sugar low carbohydrate, high fat diets only raise good cholesterol and high fat, low carbohydrate diets also depress triglycerides another blood lipid like cholesterol.  Elevated triglycerides are the most reliable predictor of an increased risk of coronary artery disease with respect to blood lipids).   

In order to have insulin of the appropriate potency I must dilute it.  The diluent I need is available free of charge from the manufacturer if it is requested by a Doctor or Pharmacist.  However in order to dilute the insulin I must have a container to hold the newly diluted insulin.  Eli Lilly used to provide empty sterile insulin vials free of charge to their diabetic patients upon request.  They no longer do this because of recently passed federal legislation which imposes burdensome reporting requirement and now these vials must be purchased from a pharmacy or medical supply store.  The VA does not provide these vials because they do not see the value in normal blood sugars. 

As indicated previously I hope you can help me get the VA pharmacy to reverse its position and provide me with the diluent and the vials.  Considering the diluent I am requesting is provided free of charge from the manufacturer Novo Nordisk, and also taking into account that the insulin regimen I have been currently prescribed is cheaper and more effective than the insulin regimens commonly prescribed in conjunction with high carbohydrate diets, I believe the small cost of the vials is more than justified particularly considering that diabetics with normal blood sugars do not develop any of the costly and disabling long term complications of diabetes.   


Ryan D. Grone

LCpl USMC (retired)

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Warren Buffett’s Nine Top Dividend Stocks

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Warren Buffett After finishing last year strong, U.S. equity markets had a volatile start this year, pulling back from all-time highs. Stocks have recovered since and, so far this year, the S&P is up — if only just barely. Some investors are concerned that the current valuation of many stocks is excessive. Such investors may decide that now is the time to reduce exposure to more risky investments and instead target high-yielding, defensive stocks.

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Another strategy investors may consider is to target income. Investors can achieve income by investing in shares that offer…

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Moving Forward

As you might imagine the letter I sent to Doctor Patel was not effective.  Shortly after sending the letter I was informed by an employee of Dr. Patel’s clinic that she would no longer be treating me and that I would be contacted by a clinic at the main VA Hospital and get a new primary care physician.

Dr. Patel’s undue emphasis on lipid control was what ultimately doomed our relationship.  This undue emphasis is typical and has infected all of mainstream diabetology which teaches that blood glucose control, blood pressure control, and lipid control are all essential to preventing long term diabetic complications.  What the American Diabetes Association, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and pharmaceutical company profiteers don’t tell these people is that blood pressure control and lipid management follow strict blood glucose control and do not function independently of each of each other in most diabetics. You don’t control your blood pressure and blood lipids by restricting salt and fat from your diet,  you wreck your fucking blood sugar.

Doctors, diabetes educators, and dieticians are ruthlessly indoctrinated by marxist professors teaching darwinian and freudian psuedo-science.  If everybody can’t or won’t eat a healthy diet no one can eat a healthy diet.  That would be unfair to poor people.  All life on earth is lineally descended from a single common ancestor.  Animals are our brothers and sisters.  It is murder to kill an animal therefore, it is unhealthy to eat an animal.  Cows cause global warming.  Since its been scientifically proven there is no God, the only thing people have to live for is stuffing food in their faces and engaging in deviant sex.  Those who don’t engage in deviant sex or gluttony are judging those who do.  Jesus, wasn’t really God incarnate but instead just a cool dude that taught us not to judge.  This is the type of specious metaphysics masquerading as science that these people are bombarded with in formal educational settings for up to a quarter century.

Dr. Patel was far less obsessed with the grossly overstated dangers of hypoglycemia than others I had to contend with and was more supportive of my attempts to normalize my blood sugar.  While the diabetes education provided at her clinic was still based on a number of fundamentally flawed assumptions, these flawed assumptions are more a reflection of the disastrous state of affairs in diabetes treatment and management worldwide and less a reflection of the quality of diabetes education provided at her clinic.

Furthermore, the interpretation and dissemination of current dietary guidelines and treatment protocols provided by the diabetes educator and the sexy little dietician at Dr. Patel’s clinic was far more intellectually rigorous and reasonable than that being forced onto diabetic veterans by the Phoenix VA endocrinology clinic.  Rather than insisting that one limit their fat consumption and insisting one consume at least 200 bloody grams of carbohydrate per day, counting carbohydrate accurately to the gram and being consistent in the amount of carbohydrate consumed was stressed.  This makes far more sense than telling diabetics to estimate carbohydrate content in fifteen gram increments. Unless starvation diets of 800 calories or less are employed, restricting fat consumption is only going to increase the amount of carbohydrate consumed or speed the glycemic impact of carbohydrate.

With all due respect to Dr. Patel I must concede that she wasn’t stupid.  While I never called her stupid to her face she may have taken some of my comments as a challenge to her intelligence.  I can assure you that I had no intention of being either harsh or cruel in my treatment of Dr. Patel. My sole purpose was to try to restore in her some sense of appreciation of her obligations as a Doctor charged with the care of our Veterans. “If one could shame a Doctor that had been brainwashed,” I felt, “one might help her to regain her self-respect.” This was on my mind.  Now, I freely admit that my method was wrong, but I hope you can understand my motive, and will accept this explanation and this apology.


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Crossing the Rubicon

Below you will find a letter I wrote to my VA Primary Care Doctor in August of last year.  As you can tell I was pretty pissed off and as you can imagine it went over like a sack of bricks.  Shortly after writing the letter I contacted Senator McCain’s office, thus crossing the Rubicon and beginning my efforts to bring the systematic mistreatment of diabetics at the Phoenix VA to light.  As it would later turn out the Phoenix VA was also systematically denying eligible Veterans access to timely medical treatment by keeping a secret waiting list to make it appear as though Veterans weren’t being forced to wait months for care thus making my accusation of fratricide that much more prescient.  It is now believed that forty Veterans died waiting for care from the VA because of the secret list. When the number of diabetics killed at the VA is considered, I believe total casualties will exceed forty by at least an order of magnitude.

Dear Dr. Patel

I need to see you regarding a number of issues. Someone has a placed a hold on a number of my prescriptions including most notably my test strip prescription and my insulin syringe prescription. In case you are not aware I am a Type 1 diabetic with a number of known early onset complications, including nephropathy, charcot neuropathy, bilateral peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy, erectile dysfunction, and hypertension. It is my belief that all of these complications stem directly from an eighteen year history of persistent and severe hyperglycemia except for the charcot neuropathy which I believe is actually a series of associated micro-fractures secondary to a botched osteotomy performed at the Carl Hayden VA medical center by their podiatry department. Since I began managing my blood sugar more carefully the progression of all these complications has either slowed, halted, or partially reversed.

I need access to all of the medications and prescriptions which are now being denied to me in order to maintain hyperglycemic remission and thus prevent further disability and the attendant additional costs, and economic damages associated with progressively worsening diabetic complications such as heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, additional amputation, and blindness, delayed stomach emptying secondary to gastroparesis, et cetera. Most notably I need test strips and insulin syringes in order to even be able to prevent the deadly and damaging condition of diabetic ketoacidosis. Without insulin syringes and thus the ability to inject insulin, a vital hormone my body no longer makes, I could die within a matter of hours or days at the most. Without test strips I cannot accurately estimate how much insulin I need to inject to prevent not only hyperglycemia and its deadly and disabling sequelae but also to prevent, treat and identify hypoglycemia a much less dangerous but nonetheless potentially fatal side effect associated with injected insulin overdose particularly when taken in conjunction with the high carbohydrate, fat restricted diets typically prescribed by mainstream medical doctors, at the behest of marxist politicians and state apparatchik who erroneously assert high carbohydrate diets prevent or ameliorate lipid profile abnormalities when if fact the high carbohydrate diets being force fed to our diabetic veterans, native americans, and our poorest minority children by the state and its apparatchik cause diabetes,cancer, and epilepsy.

Furthermore Dr. Patel, I need to see you regarding a number of changes I would like to make to my current insulin regimen including a prescription for regular insulin as it facilitates a more effective bolus dosing strategy which covers the glycemic impact of the low carbohydrate, high protein, high fat diet that I currently follow more precisely than Novolog.

Additionally I would prefer a prescription for Levemir insulin instead of Lantus. Levemir is more effective at controlling blood sugars in diabetics seeking genuinely normal blood sugars who follow a low carbohydrate diet and thus reject the lies told by marxist, darwinist, and islamo-fascist infiltrators, conspirators, and mutineers who have seized control of a number of government agencies and public institutions including the VA,USDA,FDA,NIH,NHLBI,ADA,AND,AACE, Mayo Clinic, and the Joslin Diabetes Center. It is also my belief that when administered properly Levemir is more cost effective than Lantus and does not carry with it the same known increased risk of cancer associated with Lantus.

It is my understanding that there has been some concern regarding a number of mild to moderate hypoglycemic events that I have encountered since I began controlling my blood sugar more strictly. While the dangers of hypoglycemia are grossly overstated by the marxist enemies of our nation, since severe hypoglycemia can be genuinely life threatening, I would also like a prescription for glucose tablets. When used properly glucose tablets raise blood sugar safely and predictably without causing the damaging and dangerous blood sugar spikes caused by the traditional hypoglycemic treatment methods preferred by marxist politicians, bureaucrats, and pharmaceutical company profiteers. I am making this request in writing since my repeated verbal requests for a prescription for this potentially life saving medication have been repeatedly denied by you and other marxist sympathizers most notably Comrade Wlatka Peric-Knowlton of the Carl Hayden VA Medical Center Endocrinology Clinic.

When you reinstate my prescription for insulin syringes I would prefer a prescription for syringes with the shortest needle available. Due to the body fat loss I’ve experienced since beginning a ketogenic diet, the half inch needles you previously prescribed often make me bleed. I would also like insulin syringes with half unit marking so I can more accurately and safely estimate bolus doses intended to maintain truly normal blood sugar levels while mitigating against the risk of mild, moderate, or even severe hypoglycemia.

I would also like a prescription for diluting solution so I can dilute the Novolg insulin I inject for correction boluses. While Novolog is superior to regular insulin for correction boluses since it acts much more quickly than regular insulin, when taken at full strength it is far more dangerous than regular insulin as it is twice as powerful. I have found that a single unit of full strength novolog can lower my blood sugar by as much as 60 mg/dl over a four to six hour period making it impossible for me to safely and effectively correction bolus when my blood sugar is elevated less than 60 mg/dl above my selected blood glucose target of 90 mg/dl. If I had access to Novolog dilluted at a 4:1 ratio, I could safely and accurately employ correction boluses calculated to cover blood sugar elevations as small as 15 mg/dl. This in turn would allow me to safely lower my blood glucose target to a truly normal 83 mg/dl.

If none of these requests make sense to you it is because while at medical school you were programmed by a core of the elite who never grew up, never did anything real, never sacrificed, never suffered and never learned, who have seized the power to fund with the earnings of the American people their dubious and self-serving dietary schemes. Blood sugar normalization in diabetics is indeed dangerous and impossible when attempted in the context of a high carbohydrate diet. The low fat diets recommended by the federal gubment,were recommended at the insistence of the late Marxist Senator George McGovern who cited phony diet studies conducted by the marxist propagandist Ancel Keyes who studied political science at the University of California at Berkely. People who study “political science” particularly those who study it at UC Berkely are not scientists they are propagandists usually marxist propagandists.

These low fat diets are necessarily high in carbohydrate if normo-caloric and cause diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, and the very coronary artery disease they were supposed to prevent. The government’s dubious dietary schemes always exacerbate those conditions once those conditions become apparent. My position, while contrary to that of darwinian marxist religionists who have upended and ransacked our universities and are even now committing fratricide at I suspect every VA medical center in this nation is buttressed by my own personal experience including all my recent lab results and is furthermore based on the scientific conclusions arrived at by Richard K. Bernstein, M.D., based on his successful clinical experience normalizing blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and in himself. Dr. Bernstein, is a clinical endocrinoligist, a DIPLOMATE, NATIONAL BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS: a FELLOW,of the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF ENDOCRINOLOGY: a FELLOW, of the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF NUTRITION: a DIPLOMATE, of the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF WOUND MANAGEMENT: a FELLOW, of the COLLEGE OF CERTIFIED WOUND SPECIALISTS and an eighty year old type 1 diabetic who like me, was dying from diabetic complications in his late thirties.

The requests I have made herein are all based on my best interpretation of what he recommends in his definitive text Diabetes Solution and to his diabetic patients many of whom under his care safely maintain glycated hemoglobin A1c levels between 4.2% to 4.6% which reflects an average plasma blood glucose level at or near 83 mg/dl. Please contact me at 602-464-5296 so I can schedule an appointment to see you as soon as possible. I’m running out of syringes, test strips, and glucose tablets and am unable to afford to purchase those items. If you care to learn how to successfully treat diabetes and are concerned about the health and well being of the diabetic veterans you treat at your clinic, Dr. Bernstein’s book is available for purchase at my website through amazon at on the Recommended Reading and Viewing page. A link to “Appendix A: What About the Widely Advocated Dietary Restrictions on Fat, Protein, and Salt and the Current High Fiber Fad” of Dr. Bernstein’s definitive text Diabetes Solution is also available on the Recommended Reading and Viewing page at and can be viewed for free. I beg you to please at least read this as it repudiates most of the logically fallacious attacks you were taught to level at Dr. Bernstein’s methodology and conclusions during medical school. While I am uncertain where you were educated Dr. Patel I would assume it was either in the U.S. or Great Britain and if that assumption is correct then you were most certainly brainwashed by marxist propagandists and darwinian religionists during medical school.

Thank you for your attention to the foregoing.

Respectfully Submitted

Ryan D. Grone LCpl USMC (retired)

P.S. I am sending a copy of this correspondence to Senator John McCain. As a Vietnam Veteran and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I suspect he may be troubled to learn that many of those he served in Vietnam with who now have diabetes because they were poisoned by our government while fighting a war against the forces of international marxism are now being spit on by the same marxist radicals who squandered their youth when they abandon those same veteran’s on a battlefield half a world away then spit on them when they came home. He also may recognize a potential national security and economic threat for our nation where one out of every three of our children born after the year 2000 will die prematurely of diabetes.

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481519631 Creating the most popular product of the year will make consumers and investors happy. But making an all-time bestseller can transform an industry and define a business for decades.

Many of the best-selling products were first in a new category. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), which has sold more than 500 million iPhones, was the first to introduce a touchscreen smartphone that could seamlessly handle music, web browsing and phone calls.

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Other bestsellers took a niche market and made it mainstream. Before Star Wars, film was either comedy, romance or drama. The Harry Potter book series was so successful that The New York Times Book Review created a separate children’s bestseller list in 2000 so account for the series’ popularity.

In some cases, top-selling products were a simply better than their competitors. Before Sony (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation, video game consoles were largely cartridge-based. With the…

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