I haven’t posted lately so I am beginning to think I’m lazy.  However, a number of developments have transpired in my own treatment and my own life and a number of things are set to take place nationally and globally with respect to diabetes and diabetes policy.  The time for laziness is now growing short.  Despite a series of victories in hard fought battles with the enemy, my blood sugar remains abnormal.  Despite a series of losses in the national struggle in the war on diabetes hope for victory remains.

Personally I know that the biggest reason my blood sugars are not truly normal despite a near normal hemoglobin A1c of 5.7% is because of my own failure to strictly adhere to the dietary guidelines essential to the treatment of all diabetics set forth by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein.  While its true there have been other reasons, like the insistence of most who treat diabetics that normal blood sugars are dangerous, the refusal by those in power to provide diabetics with the right tools to do so, the responsibility for the failure is mine and mine alone.

The vast majority of diabetics who struggle with blood sugar control are willing to do whatever is necessary to manage their condition.  The vast majority listen to their doctors and comply with their doctors’ orders.  Yet the vast majority of diagnosed diabetics, 88%, have hemoglobin A1c values in excess of 7%.

In 2015 the federal gubment will reissue its galactically retarded Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  The Doctors that run the clinics will issue calorie restricted versions of these guidelines to their diabetic patients.   These recommendations won’t be new.  The USDA and HHS will regurgitate the same bullshit that they have spouting since the 50’s.  These recommendations will be the exact opposite of the guidelines developed by Dr. Bernstein, an eighty year old type one diabetic and clinical endocrinologist whose diabetic patients routinely achieve and safely maintain glycated hemoglobin A1c values between 4.2% and 4.6%.

What’s at stake?  The federal gubment insists on forcing everyone to buy health insurance, insists on mandating what health insurers can and cannot cover, insists on mandating what health insurers can charge, insists on forcing the elderly to buy health insurance from them, insists on forcing Doctors to treat their patients according to their dietary guidelines, insists on forcing the poor to rely on gubment handouts for food, and insists on controlling the educations’ of our youth.  According to

Recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are intended for Americans ages 2 years and over, including those at increased risk of chronic disease, and provide the basis for federal food and nutrition policy and education initiatives.

The diets they recommend are harmful to Americans and most harmful to those who are most likely to be forced to eat what they say to eat, get their medical treatment from whoever they say to get it from, and to be educated by them; the children, the poor, the elderly and the chronically ill.

I know what is and isn’t true about diet and especially its relationship to diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  I refuse to follow their retard guidelines because I regret that I only have one life to live for my country and because Marines are not allowed to die without permission.  Most people rely on this information because they have been systematically deceived by a small band of marxist, darwinist, and freudian infiltrators who never grew up, never did anything real, never suffered, never sacrificed, never learned, these fucking people never learned, but have seized the power to fund with American taxpayer money their dubious and self serving dietary schemes.



About roguediabetic

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed in August of 93 while serving in the United States Marine Corps. After over eighteen years of poor blood sugar control and early complications including a left big toe amputation I finally figured out how to control my blood sugar. What I finally learned about blood sugar control ultimately had little to do with what I was told.
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